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While having anal sex, the guy cums in your ass. The girl then procedes to fart it back on the guy.
Man last night Trish gave me an Anal Volcano!
by jsimm89 March 09, 2007
Massive amount of shit either in your pants or on the toilet. A non ending flow of liquid brown hot magma. Excessive diarrhea
Brads visit to Mexico was followed quickly by several anal volcanoes.
by brill June 17, 2006
Pouring a can of Coke or Pepsi into someone's asshole and having them defecate an acidic shit solution back out.
Guy: "Trust me honey, it's ok, I was told diet soda creates a less painful anal volcano."
Girl: *muffles inaudible dialogue through a muzzle*
by fun4thewholefamily March 25, 2014
The result of eating and digesting a ghost chilli while suffering from diarrhea. You have been warned.
Mate, you should have heard him in the bathroom. Talk about one hell of an Anal Volcano!
by Dark Night Enforcer January 27, 2015
happens when taking a dick in the butt really hard and the dick cums in you. The explosive Diahrea after is known as anal volcano.
Sara took it so hard last night this morning that bitch had a Anal Volcano.
by CONNvict February 24, 2012
The act of playing MW2 while railing your girlfriend / significant other in the anal geographic area while dropping a nuke at the same time you blow your load.
Man, i just anal volcanoed that chick while i dropped a nuke on those scrubs.
by analvolcano April 11, 2010
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