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Simply the most amazing, brilliant, sexy girl in the world. A girl that can make your head spin like a roller coaster, heart skip a beat, and legs give out from under you, with just one whisper of her voice or a single kohl-eyed look. She has the most dazzling smile, cutest big eyes, and prettiest face you can find. If she walks past you her perfume goes through your nose and straight into your heart and makes you drool. Anaita also has the hottest voice on the planet. And her laugh jangles like a wrist of colored bangles. If she even looks at you you feel like melting, right there and then. She's great with good people and erupts like a volcano with the baddies

Bottom line...There's no girl out there better than Anaita!
Guy 1: I'm going out with the hottest most amazing girl ever...

Guy 2: OMG, you mean...?

Guy 1: yup, you got it right... Anaita!
by dianuj June 11, 2011

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