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A girl who has grace, beauty, and class. She is a fun person to be around and has a personality that will knock your socks off. She is a very trustworthy person on top of that, tell her anything and itll stay between you two. She's not the kinda girl guys hit & quit, she's a keeper. She can be a little on the slow side & a bit uncoordinated at times but its part of her charm. If want a girl who is beautiful inside & out get an Anaisa!
Girl: Anaisa? Aww shes soo cool! I love her

Guy: Anaisa? Shes ..... special.
by antm4456 July 16, 2011
A Sexy Girl With Big Ass Tittes and a fat ass not big or nice ass but a fat ass. Sh has the Tendency to tease guys

Most anaisa you meet are very sexual
Guy 1: Dude Guess what i sa
Guy 2: A hot girl
Guy1: Yes an Anaisa
by LittleCz July 16, 2011