The most beautiful girl anyone could ever meet. She's the girl your boyfriend wants, and the one your girlfriend hates. She's very indecisive but she often speaks her mind. there aren't many important people in her life but she does cherish the one that are. Stupid people hate her, amazing people friend her.
Person 1: See the stupid person?
Person 2: What about her?
Person 1: She's my gf and he hates Ana cuz i want her
Person 2: Who doesn't want her?! She's beautiful
by rosirto November 08, 2010
Ana's are the most caring,passionate, loving,willing,giving, kind of women there could be on earth. Ana's tend to give up what they have to give to others. Ana's on the negative side are way too emotional, and tend to suffer from anxiety. Ana's are usually VERY beautiful.
by ha01 February 02, 2010
a handsom, hot ,nice guy who plays soccer and doesnt do his homework hottie wower
wow that anas is so cool
by ReemLovesHim July 10, 2008
A girl's name which originates from the far lands of Serbia. Also an extremely cool and attractive girl of all Serbian girls.
Man Ana is so awesome, i wish she would shower me with her awesomeness!
by itachixx July 31, 2009
A tall and goddess-like Amazon commonly associated with the Greek parallel Aphrodite. Known for her skill in theatre and trickery, she is able to transform herself into any being at will and frequently captures unsuspecting woodsmen in her frequent moonlight performances. This Amazon, according to legend, would strap her hostages to oak trees and reveal the magnificence of her magic to them. She, though goddess-like, is no divinity, and is subject to human emotions as well. Apart from her amazing abilities, what throws one slightly off to learn is that she is incapable of eating, a trait rendering her forever inhuman.
Edward watched Carly perform with a hypnotized look of submission only seen on a woodsman of Ana on his focused eyes.
by Jean Deux-Fette August 19, 2008
A girl's name, that doesn't always have to do with anorexia, even though some people who don't understand that having an eating disorder is never something you would want, like to call it that.
She wishes people wouldn't call anorexia "Ana" because that is her nickname, and it doesn't have anything to do with anorexia.
by littlegirllost24 September 29, 2007
Southern slang, short for animosity. Sometime spelled anna. To have a problem or beef with someone.
You don't want no ana with me.
by Cysubtor May 19, 2008

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