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The 'Ana' are a strong and stubborn species of female. They tend to be good friends with the "smart" and "real" species. They hate "brown noses" and "ass kissers".

They often go against what does not make sense and will fight for what is fair.

The 'Ana is very frank and would always tell you what you're doing wrong to your face.

A woman that possesses Mother Earth powers of nurturing and cooking, she is also a very emotional and passionate being.
Girl 1: Hey, who's that?
Guy 2: Who?
Girl 1: The only female there who makes sense.
Guy 2: Oh, her?
Girl 1: Yeah, her.
Guy 2: She's Ana.
Girl 1: Ohhhhhh. *wave of understanding*
by 1stsmartypants April 19, 2011

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