super galactic alien with green eyes, and purple skin
Dude, an AmyGrace just boogied on by me!
by Amizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzle May 06, 2013
Top Definition
An AmyGrace is a social butterfly. She can and will adjust to make friends and have fun in every situation. She is loved by all. She has model-good looks, and aspires to make others look their best as well. She is kind, caring, hilarious, and very very spontaneous! For an AmyGrace, loss of words only happens when she's around a boy. When speaking to a male species, her vocabulary suddenly shrinks to a few key words and phrases. After time, she "re-learns" her words around that male, and will appear much more normal. An AmyGrace is loved by all, and for good reason.
That girl in the center of the party must be an AmyGrace.
by disney123 May 06, 2013
To be super sexy and smart and funny. Everyone likes her and she is always the center of the party. Also to be so smoking hot that it is impossible to willingly leave her presence, especially after a night out.
That guy didn't get home till three in the morning, his date must have been an AmyGrace.
by loverboy26 May 06, 2013
An AmyGrace is supersexy. Seriously, all the boys want to bang her. She makes all the girls jealous. She's the reason girls turn lesbian.
Wow, that AmyGrace should be a stripper she's so hot!
by manny34 May 06, 2013
An AmyGrace is kind, exotic, colorful and loves to dance. You can always find her at the center of the party. But be ware, if you feed her chocolate she can get a little crazy. It’s a rare treasure to find an AmyGrace.
Look at that girls moves! She must be an AmyGrace!
by Lexi250 May 06, 2013
An AmyGrace is super fun, always looks cute, and is the life of the party. She is really fun to be around and can make friends in the snap of a finger. But be careful not to get on an AmyGrace's bad side -- they tend to bite.
Guy: Dude, isn't that AmyGrace hot?
Other guy: Totally, Broskillet. But I heard that she bites, so be careful...
by Anadiplosis May 06, 2013
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