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The Woman's version of a 'Car Fax Report.' A female facts report with complete information on all the embarressing life experiences, relationships, and hidden secrets, she would never tell you about or admit to. Lets a man know exactly where, who, what, how, why... An all out history report about the woman of his dreams. Is she really who she says she is? Find out now with an AmyAid on your dream girl.
Boy 1: 'I just got my AmyAid on my new girl, I gotta dump her. She has never lived on her own. Always looking for hand outs.'

Boy 2: 'But, she lives in that big house and has nice rides?'

Boy 1: "I know, she told me she lives with her roommate, I found out, with AmyAid, it is her husband!'
by carfaxreporter September 08, 2011

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