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a very tall, beautiful, poised egyptian man that makes girls' dreams come true with his sensitivity, respect, humility, intelligence, culture and willingness to converse. his mind and soul give claires hope for the future of humanity and their own genetic material. he is wonderful in ALL aspects and leaves NOTHING to be desired. he is something to look forward to at the end of every day.
Oh my GOD I met my Amro and I am so, so happy to be alive.
by gcockgirl October 03, 2011
A North African name usual named in Egypt. Means of a smart, handsome, chubby (in a good way), Handsome while wearing glasses and the best at rudeness.

The "o" in 'Amro' is silent.
Girl: Hi
Boy: Hello
Girl: What's your name?
Boy: Amro..
Girls: Explains why you are cute!
by xxxx34335345345345345 May 20, 2011
Humanoid goat; A person whose face resembles the features of a goat; Impersonating the facial mannerisms of a goat when intellectually startled; Expressing a lack of understanding of simple matters through grotesque facial manipulation".
"Hey dude, did that little dude do an amro when he got scared?"

"One more amro from you son and you're in a lot of trouble!"

A:He didn't get what I was saying, dude!
B: How could you tell?
A: He pulled an amro.

"For some really strange, possibly sick reason, I find myself attracted to amros".
by Jocklife September 22, 2010

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