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A loving, caring, sweet girl. Amris have awesome personalities that everyone falls in love with. They are different and unique conpared to everyone else. Their shape is cute and amris tend to be shorter. They are athletic and also intelligent. Yeah, they have their moments but they are human. Every boy that sees an Amri thinks she is beautiful and wishes she was theirs. Amris have a lot of haters too, but also friends she can trust with anything. She is the type to do good things, but knows how to have fun. They are simply gorgeous and a joy to be around. Never hurt an Amri because she will remember forever.
John: "Hey whose that girl?!"
Blake: "That's Amri she's so pretty."
John: "I must go meet her!"


I wish my girlfriend was Amri she is amazing in every way.
by BlankSCbeast January 18, 2012
A unique snowflake that falls in and around the United Kingdom, particularly the south. In recent years, however, there have been sightings of this natural wonder in the North.
I just saw an Amris, must be my lucky day
by lou.chou May 26, 2010
Two faced; extremely stengy with neccessities of life; will most likely get married young; doesnt have a personality; cant stand to be in her presence; bi-polar without meds; will end up being very over weight; will lose her inspiration at a young age; does mostly everything when she's young, so she will get old fast; and tries to be apart of the 'In-Crowd' but usually gets ditched.
"Run! Its Amri!"

"Here comes Amri, be quiet."
by KEllIIII October 21, 2011

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