slang for: ask me out
why wont danny amo???
by Pb'z April 30, 2012
disrespectful slang term for an Amish person
Get off the road, ya dumb amo!
by Jen S. June 18, 2005
This word pertains to a person, animal, or object that continously escapes termination. This person, no matter what they or it does cannot get in trouble. Prone to take hour and a half lunch breaks, likes to cut in line, and excessively disappears for long periods of time.
Hey did you see that chick sleeping in her car? What an amo...
by reaoiapoeithaeio January 24, 2010
This is someone who has a natural charm. He is hard working, smart, gorgeous, kind, lovable,sexy, unique, and has a beyond amazing smile. Just seeing him smile puts a smile onto your face. He is caring, a Christian, loved by many, has a great family, and friends. Athletic, and intelligent. Works hard for whatever he strives towards. He has a great sexy sense of humor. While talking to him, he makes you feel like you already know him, and he is overall such a dreamy handsome man
Oh my,look there is Amos.
by angel of the sky January 12, 2014
Air Maintenance Officer. The man or women in the military air wings that is in charge of maintenance. The only thing they care about is getting planes running or air craft parts built. They will pretend to be your friend until you slip up then you see the truth on who they really are.
I thought that AMO was cool but then he made us work 14 hour shifts because we had to many broken planes.
by karog December 11, 2007
The ripped off edge (where the perforation is--the smaller side) of a piece of paper from a spiral notebook.
Teacher: Please take the A-MOs off your papers before you turn them in.
by Devin Stavo Leopold March 19, 2008
Short for Asian Emotional. Often seen wearing large baggy pants to accomodate their large cotch area. Amos have their own style of fashion which is unique to them and them only. They dont cry about how much their life sucks and they dont slit their wrists. They dont even have to be Asian.

Typical amo boy:
- choppy/flippy Mrs Brady hair
- baggy jeans
- wears a lot of black
- is part of an Amo 'group'
- continually refers to himself as being the most amo kid around
- listens to bands such as My Chemical Romance, Energy (Asian boy band), Fall Out Boy, and Matchbook Romance
- likes to act all mysterious
- is in love with Kelly Clarkson
- has myspace pictures of himself with messed up bed hair, hiding his face, taken from above.
- a photowhore
- doesnt like to be referred to as emo, scene or goth
- loves playing make believe
guy: "Im so amo with my yellow/not tinted skin and my black/blonde streaked hair ima gonna go meet up with my amo buds. dont bother me so yeah. "

girl: "omifreakingosh youre wearing eyeliner!! You cant be amo. kthanksbye. Amoxcore for life!!!!"
by Larissah March 30, 2006

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