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3 definitions by jesusiamursavior

A ultra high in THC weed, will fuck you up for hours.
boy2: wassup man?
boy3: dont expect an answer, he been smokin dat amnesia haze
boy2: yo give me some of dat shit
by jesusiamursavior March 28, 2011
something so irratating you want to razorblade youre own eyes out.
person1: rebecca black is so fucking annoying
person2: yea shes floralicious
by jesusiamursavior April 11, 2011
Rebecca Black is the worlds worst popstar. Her singing consists of squeling high notes, very similar to the sound a cat makes if you torture it for a few hours with a blowtorch and is held together by an autotune, which in her case however, was obviously broken.
boy: ("Friday" playing) jesus what the fuck is this? Is it justin bieber?

girl: no, its Rebecca Black

Boy: im getting cancer in my ears
by jesusiamursavior March 28, 2011