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Maybe one of the coolest people you will ever know. She is funny and really nice. She can also be rude and bitchy. She likes to have fun and play around, but she can also be very serious. She wears her heart on her sleeve and only falls in love with someone she really cares about. She really loves guys. She loves to flirt. She is a really good friend and you can come to her with all your problems. Amirah is a all around good girl.
Omg, Amirah gave me amazing advice today.

Amirah is such a good friend.

Amirah really housed her today!
by Awsumchiic December 08, 2010
Amirah is probably one of the prettiest girls around. She loves to have fun, but isnt up for illegal things. Once you meet her she may be very shy, but she is wild and funny. She is way too cute. You can trust her with anything. She has so many personalities. You dont want to even see some of them.
Amirah is the prettiest girl in school!
by BobbyJina May 13, 2013
a non full-american girls name.
usually ends up playing sports like basket ball, soccor, soft ball, or mabey even colorguard. has extreemely nice hair and loves her friends. super flirty!
Did you see amirah and her bff at the club last night.

Wow, look at Amirah spin that rifle and flag.

Amirah's going in for a 3 pointer!

Run those bases Amirah!

Amirah's a gollie today?

Check out Amirah's hair! She has perfect curls!

She's flirting with Dwayne again?!?!
by e.collins92 December 25, 2008

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