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1. Belonging to the species homo sapiens.

2. Male Arabic name meaning, "Glorious". Also known as, "Ham".

3. The most wonderful and kindhearted person anyone could ever wish for. Trustworthy without a doubt. It is very easy to adore Amgad, especially if accompanied by the last name beginning with the letter "S". A very intelligent and down to earth individual with great perseverance.

4. The pair Amgad and Sabrina tend to make a good couple.
That Amgad is such a price charming!

Look, how cute! He just pulled an Amgad.
by <3 yp February 12, 2010
The resultant of not being able to use spell check.
"I amgad you told meabout being at xxx and how you left so you nderstand a lot of my feelings."
by I interview like shit August 24, 2011
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