Is the best history on the planet. In less than 300 years from becoming it's own country America has done so much stuff that it makes country like England want to commit suicide. This History contains winning wars over and over again. Inventing the most useful inventions known to man. Becoming a world super power and more.

Also one man who will go down in American History as we know it will be Stephen Colbert. And to protect his legacy we must make sure that those evil Canadians don't make lies about this word. So make sure that we fill this definition with as much positive American stuff as we can!!
In preparation for a counter attack from Canadians I have told about the TRUE definition for America's History.
by PrinceDNA February 06, 2010
Top Definition
A long and epic tale of deceitful hermits, terrorism, a new messiah, and beer. With many characters including bush the retarded president. Mr. Fucker, bushes dad. And Melvin K Fuck
Hey, did you hear about americas history? It's pretty shitty
by America History 955545 February 11, 2010
america is to the World what terell owens is to Football, what sean avery is to Hockey, what kayne west is to Music Industry, that's right, the Planet would be a much better place without all of the aforementioned, particularly, without the usa.
America's History can be summed up in the same manner Stephan Colbert summed up Sarah Palin..."Fucking Retarded".
by pseudonamous February 11, 2010
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