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Peter Strand
See: furious george, pedro, vacation destroyer, peternator
How come Peter Strand isn't at his computer?
He's being American Idle again
by posse February 11, 2004
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(1) A couch potato who can get off only by watching judges diss a singa.

(2) What happens while you gass in your new Hummer at ZERO MPG, sitting out a gas station traffic jam, waiting for oil to fall back under $6.66/gallon.

(3) What happened in the oval office when Dubya was prez.
That lazy ass ain't no dawg, he just gass himself with bean dip till he the next American idle. Kaboom!
by Soylent Blue July 29, 2008
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When someone sits idling at a green light while singing along to their radio. Originally coined by Buster-Ass Marcus of the Donkey Show in Eugene, OR.
"Oh man! I was so into that song, I just American Idled everyone behind me for 3 lights!"
by Alcranky November 10, 2009
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