An excellent indie rock/emo band from the 1990s, fronted by Mike Kinsella (of Owen).
Stephen: "My favorite emo band? Definitely I Hate Myself."

Bob Nastanovich: "No way, dude. American Football takes the cake."
by entrancetheory April 22, 2013
American football is the most mentally involved game in the history of the world.for those who think it just about a bunch of big fatties runnig into each other, try reading a zone defense. players have to remember hundreds off different plays, formations,and what to do on a certain play, depending on what the defense fact, the biggest men on the field,offensive linemen, have to be the smartest players and have the best is a game of leverage and is the greatest teamsport in the world. in order to have a good team, every body on the team has to be eaqualy important. not only is it mentaly demanding, it is one of the most physically demanding ones too. it is because not only do you need endurance and running ability like soccer, you need strength and agility. if american football players did not wear pads, not only would many people die,but more than the early 1900s when they wore no pads. players are bigger stronger and faster.and even though you wear pads, it is still more painfull than every sport , except rugby,wrestling(not wwf, real stuff)and ufc, or cage fighting,boxing.if you dont agree with me on the physicallity, watch any high schools 2 a a day summer practice.or even better try guys are just mad because it has not only become americas pastime, but americas obsession.and pads make it harder to run too. there is only 25-35 seconds between plays, timeouts are 1-2 minutes long,2 min between quarters, and 10 min half. not 5 mins. between plays like you little bitches said, and im talking to all who undermined football, dont judge it unless you've played the real thing, and you have played it and you still dont like it, you a least respect it.simply said, it is the best sport in the universe!!!!!!!!!
person one:rugby is so much better than "american" pussy football.
person 2:bitch, shut the fuck up
by J-Rizzle April 24, 2005
a controlled street fight
in american football- trent green gets severely concussed from a hit by robert geathers.
on the street- your ass is in jail
by america, fuck yea October 22, 2006
All you Rugby guys are crazy. Put an NFL running back on the rugby field and he will score every time he touches the ball. When you compare the 2 athletically, football players are bigger, stronger, can jump higher, can run faster, and can catch better. They wear pads cause they hit 10 times as hard.
The Rugby player was angry to learn a football player had been fucking his wife, but could do nothing about it because he would get his ass kicked.
by Chris Tozer March 28, 2005
An American sport that originates from the English sport of Rugby. It is played between two teams on a field of 100 yards (120 total including the end zones) with a brown oval shaped object called a Football. A team’s objective is to get it’s offense on the field as often as possible (to score) and keep the opponent’s offense off the field when possible, and limit their performance when they are on. Team’s score by driving the ball down the field by running and passing. The most common form of scoring is the touchdown (six points), followed by field goals (3), and (rarely) safeties (2). Immediately following the scoring of a touchdown the scoring team is given the option of performing a two-point conversion (worth 2 points) or the point-after-touchdown (PAT, 1 point). Field goals and PATs are scored by kicking the Football between a tall goal post located behind the end zone. Professional and collegiate games last full 60-minutes while high school games normally run at 48. It’s important to note that due to timeouts and play huddling Football games normally last between 3 and 4 hours.

Critics (normally foreign) seek to compare the playing style of American Football to Rugby. This is inaccurate, however. They are two different sports. While in Football certain positions require significantly larger stature and others do not, virtually all positions in Rugby require relatively large size. Linebackers, Tight Ends, Full Backs and (larger) Quarterbacks are often suitable for Rugby while positions such as Safeties, Half Backs, and Cornerbacks are normally not. Lineman can also suitable for Rugby play but few are. Unlike Rugby, American Football is a strategic sport and hence more importance is placed upon skill in positions. This, along with size differences, is why players rarely play both defense and offense.

Unlike Rugby, by rule, Football play requires one wears protective gear. While in Rugby very large players tend to tackle other very large players, in Football very large players tend to tackle players inferior in size to them which can result in higher rates of injury. In addition to this, turf is becoming increasingly common as a replacement for grass in Football stadiums again reinforcing the necessity for protective gear. Attire includes a hard helmet with facemask, numbered jersey for identification, shoulder and chest pads, tight pants with buttock, knee, and thigh pads, and cleats. Regardless of protective gear, Football has a higher injury rate than Rugby.

It is played on High School, Collegiate, and Professional (namely NFL) levels. Rules are generally the same throughout all levels but differ to varying degrees by league and skill level. American Football’s popularity rages in America overwhelmingly as the most-watched sport, but has failed to catch on in popularity in foreign countries (only Canada has a variation). Because of this, however, it remains a trademark of modern American culture.
The NFL organizes the most popular American Football teams each season for five months of hard-hitting action.
by Steagles February 07, 2006
American Football - Some believe the name was stolen, this is false. The name Football was derived early in the sports creation when passing was not a part of the game and all that was done was running on the feet, hence the name football. This game is an intense one where you play by the objetives in which there are many ways to real your objectives, mainly physically. Throwing, running, and tackleing are the main actions of the game. This sport requires great mental and physical strength, speed, agility, teamwork, and the ability to keep your cool.
Uneducated Foreigner: football? they stole our name :'(
American Scholor: Incorrect, the name was actually created due to the large amount of running the ball in early football history.
by Rome March 08, 2005
legal assault
American Football linebackers: Ray Lewis, Shawne Merriman, Brian Urlacher
by cmack05 September 16, 2009
A popular American sport that in many small backwater communities is more important than justice and the proper education of the players.
My brother was in a car accident caused by two high school football stars. He got 100 stitches and one eye. They got one year at juvie AFTER football season ends. Damn you american football!
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e August 30, 2006
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