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American Apparel is a horrible cock sucking brand that most teeny boppers sport to the movies or malls. They have whores for models and often show half naked chicks in sheer one pieces that no normal person would ever dream about wearing in public. Unfortunetly we have an entire generation of sluts and fags trying to pull off that same sheer one piece, without jeans, or a hoodie, or anything to coverup the disgusting horridness that is their unusually developed bodies. The world would be an amazing place if all the American Apparel factories were shut down.
American Apparel, and their leigion of followers can go shove their hideous clothes up an elephants rectum, then pull it back out and try to wear that into public. (Actually they probably would do that; disgusting freaks.)
by savanna banana June 24, 2009
69 86
Where Cirque De Soleil gets their costumes. As a matter of fact, this amazing store provides the fabulous garments to circuses all around the world. No wonder it's so popular and overpriced!
Circus Organizer(boss): We're running out of costumes Oswald!

Circus Assistant(Oswald): Look boss, there's a store! I think it's called American Apparel.
by wowsad May 05, 2009
81 62
American Apparel is a clothing store which hipsters were once infatuated with. The store was deemed as progressive and unique. However, unfortunately, American Apparel has become too mainstream for hipsters. Any true hipster will now tell you that American Apparel is a clothing store that any junior high student subscribes to. Putting the hipster culture aside for a moment, their clothes are usually low quality, but fit better than other brands.
Hipster - "Hey, dude is that an American Apparel T - shirt"?

Non hipster - "Yeah it's the 401 shirt, organic too!"

Hispter - "Wow, American Apparel, that shit is weak, last week!" "Now lets go drink some fermented semen....
by the hot teacher December 09, 2008
48 56
Clothes that you could make for the same quality for about two dollars, only not many people have the will.

But then, it wouldn't be ethical, would it?

American Apparel is now mainstream, and believe you me, you were never the 'one who totally started this whole fad'. Middle school kids now wear it to think they're the shit. Don't be fooled, they're not in it for the fact it's ethically made in the Us where people are being paid fair wages, decent hours or health benefits. They just like 'cause it looks pretty.
Example 1:

Girl: Fuck, this is two pieces of fabric surged together with a hole in the top, for thirty-three-fucking-dollars

Guy: At least it wasn't made my bleeding children's hands?

Example 2:

11 year old: Isn't my new American Apparel hoodie deck? LOL, I totally picked that up from some weird guy off the street!

12 year old girl: Are you sure he wasn't like... homeless or something. My daddy told me not to leave the house without pepper spray and my chastity belt...
by Puppiesaretheshit April 20, 2009
17 32
a store that sells ugly clothes for pretentious douchebags
american apparel has just released the shiny leather pink disco top: for men!
by Murkathos the Sea Serpent July 24, 2008
80 105
the reason why there is no orionality left in this boarning world.
Today at school, everyone was wearing American Apparel. it really shows how everyone is really being creative and trying to lookdiffrent. but if were all trying to loook diffrent and we all dress the same by shopping at American Apparel, then how in the world is that diffrent?
by NaomiDova May 07, 2008
61 99
Popular hipster clothing staple, where solid-colored t-shirts marked "wholesale" are sold for roughly $15 a pop, when the same shirt could be purchased from Wal*Mart for $4. Then again, Wal*Mart doesn't label its clothing as "CRUELTY/SWEATSHOP FREE!" and is, of course, way too mainstream for the ever-hip still-living-off-parents elite.
San Francisco hipster: I just got three solid-colored shirts at American Apparel, and it only cost me $45! Buying stuff wholesale rocks!
by Humberttt October 28, 2007
112 150