A person to lazy to do anything but complain and order people around fro the couch!
Can you tune my guitar?

Grab me my smokes, there right in front of you, I cant reach them, lean up!
by Dave June 28, 2004
Top Definition
Lazy Bastard that can't do anything on his own, so he "lets" people do it for him.
"I'm going to let you take that computer home with you to look at it"
"Oh, lucky me"
by Chris June 29, 2004
Someone who walks around, complaining that he has too many things going on at once and can't do any of them.
"Hey, we need your help!"
"Not right now, leave me alone, I'm busy"
Then you see him doing nothing but walking around talking about how busy he is.
by Chris July 06, 2004
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