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Noun) Someone who is such a badass to the extent of not caring for their surroundings and present audience. They are known to swear profusely regardless of their company and do health-risking things such as smoke just to look cool. An American Badass does not necessarily have to be American. This can be used to compliment someone in the highest regards by simply calling them an American Badass.

The wardrobe of an American Badass typically consists of a headband/bandanna of some sort. A sleeveless denim jacket that they may have ripped the sleeves off during a bar-fight. Leather pants acquired from killing a man. Fingerless gloves that expose the fingers so that one can properly give the finger in. The boots of an American Badass are always made from the finest cowhide/leather.
Sonny: Yeah, fuck that bitch.
Brandon: What an American Badass!

Amy: You guys were horrible at the renaissance rally.
Sonny: What are you, an American Badass?
#american #badass #compliment #cool #dude #dudett
by Sonny the Stuntman February 03, 2009
Typically have long hair, but not always. Can be wearing anything from biker gear, to cowboy boots, to handlebar mustaches, to bandanas (the pre-made kind, normally not real ones), to denim jackets, to American flag apparrel, to shirts with wolves or eagles on them. They also like sleeveless t-shirts.

They're usually of the trailer park variety. In a crowd of people, you'd spot an American Badass as being the guy that's dressed like a biker, but doesn't have a motorcycle. Usually a big fan of classic rock music, or possibly country.
Fred: "Hey, when we were working security last night for that Motley Crue show, did you see all of the American Badasses in the crowd?"

Stan: "Yeah, one of them is dating my mom."
#trailer trash #classic rocker #wannabe biker #billy badass #cracker
by AlphaTino48 April 24, 2011
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