1 definition by AlphaTino48

Typically have long hair, but not always. Can be wearing anything from biker gear, to cowboy boots, to handlebar mustaches, to bandanas (the pre-made kind, normally not real ones), to denim jackets, to American flag apparrel, to shirts with wolves or eagles on them. They also like sleeveless t-shirts.

They're usually of the trailer park variety. In a crowd of people, you'd spot an American Badass as being the guy that's dressed like a biker, but doesn't have a motorcycle. Usually a big fan of classic rock music, or possibly country.
Fred: "Hey, when we were working security last night for that Motley Crue show, did you see all of the American Badasses in the crowd?"

Stan: "Yeah, one of them is dating my mom."
by AlphaTino48 April 24, 2011

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