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An 'Amera' is a classification of pseudo-British kiwi. Amera tend to be reclusive and aggressive to other breeds of kiwi. There are many subspecies of Amera, these include: Americanis Goffik, Americanis Fancymanis, Americanis Grungies & Americanis Gingis (now believed to be extinct). Despite spending the majority of their time in their burrows because of their sensitivity to light Ameras tend to fear being in total darkness. If an Amera dose not shed its heavy winter coat come summer it is likely to die of heat stroke. Scientists are baffeled by the nutrient deficient diet Ameras somehow survive on. Amera is an endangered species that has made many a house cat fat.

The word Amera can be abbreviated as "mera" "meh" or "err".
I think I heard the mating call of an Amera "DEATHCLOCK DEATHCLOCK"
by jee Bee January 25, 2011
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