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hottest girl ever
damn look at amberlee
by AmberleePaige January 10, 2009
The name for a straight up gangster.
Mayne, that foo' is amberlee!
by sp1r1t October 10, 2006
The name of a girl who is hard to understand but who remains positive no matter what crosses her path. She is the best kind of person to have as a friend or girlfriend. Do not underestimate her though, she bites. Also gets very wild
Did you see that girl? She must be an Amber-lee
by Gogga171 September 11, 2011
slang term for the homeless in Britian can also be known as a poodle looking bitch with nasty style thinks she's the shit but is prude as you can get. PREACHERS DAUGHTER....ugly laugh...ugly face...can't get a guy
Did you see what she was wearing today? Gosh she's such an Amberlee ew.
by caktapus January 09, 2009