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A pre-pod personally crafted cassette Amber plays at just the right time so no matter it is A low-tech, low-def, homemade cassette with A and B Side 120minute run-time, is a masterpiece if only bcz it includes random edits, brief and unforseen (to those singing) silences which suddenly cutsbackk on and ends before the song does cause the tape ran out. SMART Coastal FUNNY Hott NOSTALGIC Punk ACOUSTIC Rare GANGSTA Rock-a-billy SLOW JAM Classic diddees trancsending age race taste place...
"Hey wheres your stereo? Im gonna pop in an Amber-Tape i brought along. Its good music."
"Hey wheres your stereo? Im gonna pop in an AmberTape i brought along. Its good music."

"I love this song! HEY!... Who turned it o...f, Oooh there it goes!!!!! It does that...its an Ambertape.

" Sshh listen... youre playing an AmberTape!!!Lets make-out? WAIT!!! Lets dance first"
by alabamBerr February 05, 2010
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