An amber is usually a brunette, but she occasionally acts blonde. She typically has a very pretty smile, pretty teeth, and luscious lips. She usually has the most beautiful hazel or green eyes, but can occasionally be brown eyed. She is very shy at first until she gets comfortable with you. Her shyness is only another example of how sweet she is. She is so gorgeous and very outgoing. She's always looking for ways to help people, and if she can't help someone, she feels bad. She has a stunning body, but has slightly small to medium sized breasts. When the right guy comes along, he'll love amber for who she is. She loves long relationships. She's a great kisser, great in bed, and amazing at giving head. When you have the chance to make an amber yours, DO NOT PASS IT UP. Take that chance because someone as great as her doesn't come around very often.
brunette stunning greeneyes perfect smallbreasts oneofakind sexy incredible mmmmm amber
Girl: Oh my god. That girl is so annoying. I just wish she moved away.

Boy: Wow, don't say that. You can totally tell you're jealous of amber. Just look at her.
Girl: Agh. Whatever.
by livetosurf November 07, 2013
A stuborn independent female with a fiesty attitude.

Charming and bold speaker.
Amber is a born performer. Usually in dance or cheerleading.

This female is friends with many guys. She has at one point had a crush on them all.

Amber is for free love and retro music.

Known to roll down the windows of her car and blast load music.
Over all she is pretty freaking amazing :)
" Hey, was that Amber driving by blasting ACDC this late at night?"
by They_call_me_Amber December 26, 2009
An Amber is usually the hottest girl on the plant. She has the best personality that you'll ever see. She's usually has the most gorgeous brown eyes. But, shes the the finest giirl you will ever see!
"Was that Amber cause i think my heart just skipped a beat."

"Damn. Amber is so hott she makes the sun look frozen."

by rudolphowashere March 27, 2009
My opinion of the name Amber would be; a beautiful girl, very humorous, great smile, can dance very well, and loves to laugh. She is usually is a brunette and has bluish green eyes. She loves to listen to old music from the 60's, 70's, and 80's, but will mostly listen to the 80's. She can be very shy at first but then she becomes very loud once you become friends with her. She will most likely hang out with guys more than girls. She will sing on the top of her lungs even knowing she sucks. She'll always be there when her friends are in need. But if you get on her bad side she'll cut you off instantly. Stay away from her bad side.
dude that amber girl is fun to hang out with.
by DRPEP123 October 10, 2013
A really nice girl. Her smile and big brown eyes will make you want to melt at her feet. She is hilarious. Her hair is long brown and curly. She is extrordinarily beautiful. Just care about her and don't venture into uncharted territory. She is strong but will love you right. One bad move and it will take a long while to regain her trust.
Hey man how is it goin with amber...

Not good man i said somethin wrong and now it is all downhill...
by Damanfromnorthern November 16, 2011
A girl that is a little country but also athletic. Also very good looking and secretly good in bed.
she is some Amber
by the defninition master February 26, 2015
A gemstone, but that's not what i wanted to define. rather, this definition is to describe the most beautiful woman in the entire universe. Her eyes glisten like the night sky, her hair is an amazing golden blonde color that has been woven by angels, and her amazing smile can light up the entire world. When i am sad, she always cheers me up. She always know how to make me laugh. in addition to this, i don't know where i would be without her being a part of my life. I love her so very much.
Amber:(whispering in my ear) I love you so much baby
Me:(whispering back to her) I love you too sweetie
by taynn2012 March 30, 2012

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