Ambas literally means pussyhead, "am"-pussy and "bas"-head.
Ei, ambas ne istep zhursin? - Hey, pussyhead what cha doing?
by Panas_Guy July 27, 2010
Top Definition
Amba: silent, creating space for others to fill the space, but then, this whole world cracks open and Amba is the funniest, coolest, sweetest (and a little mean), wonderful woman! Knows how to do everything, even though, she always claims to know nothing. Hot Amba. Russian Amba. "Does Amba do the Samba?" Yes, and she knows how to cook!
Amba; in-between things, between the fight of the demons, at peace.
At the bookstore, silently watching the Vampires, there is Amba.
She knows how to dance all the dances, she must be Amba!
Knife licker, Amba....mmmm...good cake.
by Alicia Drawmen April 04, 2010
drug adict and or scene
adicted to drugs
pot smoker
you be lookin like a AMBA these days
by ruben32165987 May 07, 2006
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