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Without revealing much about the story, Amarao is a character from the series Furi Kuri, also known as Fooly Cooly or FLCL. He is a man who seems to know much about the main character, Naota, and his alleged "housekeeper," Haruko. His distinguishable traits include his extremely large eyebrows(made by the animation team from sushi wrappings), short red hair, and is usually seen wearing a black business suit, occasionally wearing a green jacket over it. He also drives a white Vespa scooter. While much more about Amarao is learned throughout the story, it is best to watch it and learn through experience of the character.
The most distinguishable trait about Amarao is his gigantic set of eyebrows.
by Robert Kylie June 27, 2005
"The Eyebrow" guy in FLCL
That officer
The guy that tries to hard
by Zero February 21, 2004
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