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One on the towns on South Coast of Durban, South Africa.

A large town by South African standards but has highly impregnable water - in the fact that 'Toti' has one of the highest ratios for teen pregnancy in South Africa. It seems at least 40% of all matriculating girls will fall pregnant either within their final year High School, or within the following two years.

In addition, 'Toti' suffers irrecoverably from STS - Small Town Syndrome. It seems regardless of how quiet you keep your activities or secrets, everyone knows exactly what happened 48 hours after.
Person One: Shit, so Roxanne's pregnant? My word... She's only just written Matric!

Person Two: Hectic hey?! She must be from Amanzimtoti! There's something in their water...

Person One: How on earth did you find out?

Person Two: Aah... you know. It's Toti. Everyone knows what's new regardless of how you try to hush it up.

Person One: Too true! That's Toti's STS for you.
by ALS05 November 06, 2010
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