a girl with a very large chin. it sort of looks like an ass, and she tends to hide things in her chin. she hides things like mcdonalds food or starbucks. anything you can eat or drink you'll find inside her chin. she looks like a cow, . she always thinks she's hot, but guys think she looks like a hippo. she eats too much and she loves all sports, mcdonalds before and after the games.
Daniel: Have you seen that cow?

Joey: oh, i thought it was amanda.
by amandacow October 02, 2011
1) An extremly bitchy girl

2)A girl that has no life but decient looking

3)Like to have sex in the ass
Dude I had sex with that girl last night in the ass. That must have been Amanda
by karmabitchlol May 15, 2011
An extremely attractive girl who is loved by all.
Gosh, Amanda is so pretty and nice.
by [(*)] January 12, 2009
1) N. a person who tends to be skanky. whoreish, or any other variation of a slut.

2) N. A person who tends to get drunk and fuck people(usually ugly and wierd)

3) N. a girl that likes to make friends then back stab them.

4) N. a girl that likes to steal, or try to steal, boy friends; a homewrecker

5) N. a girl that thinks everyone likes her, but in reality they hate her.

6) Adj. just plain ugly.
Ew. Did you hear what that girl girl did last night? shes just like Amanda.
by Mrs Damon Salvatore May 12, 2011
Amanda is a girl who is funny..hilarious actually and who thinks Sean Paul actually says "No Matter What Your Mother Says" in the "Sexy Punkie" song.
Song: "It no matta what yo man a say"
Amanda's version: "No matter what your mother says"
by StephyB February 06, 2010
A female, typically named Amanda, that is a member of a fitness facility. She frequently drops her gym membership card while shopping for delicious produce at a grocery store, which tends to be spotted by a handsome young lad that proceeds to hit on her.
Person 1: I saw this hot ass chick at the grocery store. When she dropped her keys and I saw that gym membership card, I fell in love!

Person 2: That is sooo Amanda!
by You'd Never Guess February 03, 2010
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