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The most ghetto girl in the hood. When you see her, you think, "Damn! That girl's weave is shiny!" All the boys are lining up for her, she's FAB. People have dance parties just to see her do the jerk, and she's a pro. Amanda is so fynne, everyone wants to be her! She is an African princess.
Whoah! Look at that beautiful girl! Her name is probably Amanda!!
by 3R!N KATZ. January 20, 2010
68 144
Female,Fire breathing, devil dragon from the firey depths ofHell. Feeds on the souls of simple-minded and innocent young males in the general area. Rips out the heart and mind and devours them whole. Also, after the feeding of the heart and soul, the devil dragon haunts the very person that she fed on, she haunts their dreams and minds for the rest of eternity. The hauntings begin with nasty looks and random calls. The demon then takes over your close freinds and new girlfreinds and family. The rest of your life is runined unless you can get her hauntings out of your mind and dreams. Then you must move and and try to avoid this bloodsucking wretch at all costs. Never return to the grasps of this Devil or the treachory and deciet, which impedes your very thought train, will begin again, your newly found heart and soul will, once again, be eaten. Your life as you and everyone else knows it, is lost for the rest of eternity
Amanda latched onto my soul for the second time. I can't believe she lied and made sweet passionate FUCKtime with my closest freinds.
by lost soul. February 24, 2010
58 140
Has a hand fetish. Will stop at nothing to obtain hand fetish needs. Likes chains. Likes bondage.
She tried to tie me up and use my hands! What an amanda!
by needy101 February 10, 2010
17 101
A very dumb, blonde girl, with breast bigger then her head and teeth bigger then her boobs.
She will sleep with anything that walks, and will break you heart in two. She is the biggest (literally biggest) whore, bitch you will ever encounter.
How can Amanda walk with boobs that big?
The same way she talks with teeth]that big.
by MclovinMcAwesome July 10, 2010
29 117
Pronounced: A-man-Duh
Usually an uptight, over ruling, bitch that thinks she knows your life better than you do. Claims she is your best friend but really wants to convert you to Amandaism
Things typically said by an Amanda;
Dont wear that!
Dont go to her house!
Dont talk to me!
..wait I MISS YOU
Dont kiss him!
by LKYUJYRBHTARHB&UK March 31, 2010
36 131
A girl who obsesses over many guys. Mostly "men" who are really just mere boys, and are not attractive in the least. Examples of names of such boys include: Wayne, Emre, Raymund, Eddo, Jordan, Bolis, Carl, Mark L. and Gary, to name a few.
Did you see the new guy Amanda added to her "to-do" list? He looks like a weeaboo!
by BIG MAMA 12345 January 22, 2009
171 278
A whore who sleeps with many guys after the 3rd day of dating. Usually is pissed at someone for doing something she does herself. She is a hypocrite. She is too dumb to understand why she is such a slut, not whore 'cause she doesn't get paid, and a thunder cunt. The more she dates the uglier and lower her dates are. She is also known as a dick-porcupine. She has cranked on more dick than her fingers and toes could count. She does a duck lip purse and opens her mouth to spazz before saying what she is mad about. Many of the guys that date her are fat and lonely or are virgins looking to get some. Her vagina is a massive black hole, not even light can escape it. One day she will grow up and be a tart/ loose old woman.
Guy1: I am so fat and lonely.
Guy2: hey man its okay there are plenty of Amanda to go around
Guy1: Really?
Guy2: yeah, just don't get sucked into her black hole of a vagina.
by Jack_mehoff April 09, 2010
39 151