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a woman who doesn't take shit from anyone, even her own parents. She does things her way when she wants where she wants how she wants with who she wants
i love lucy's attitude. it's an amanda attitude.
by millamobradley April 21, 2008
An individual who often encounters issues with her relationships, often having to do with her close friends :(. She is remarkably intelligent and is a loyal friend. She has a fetish for cats, typically orange colored ones and enjoys playing sports. She also cannot live without her cellphone and is constantly texting others. She hates being alone and loves being surrounded by people and loves being the center of attention. However, one flaw with amandas are that they often tend to eat at an incredibly slow pace. This tends to irritate the people she dines with because it takes her forever to eat something, no matter what size. Amandas also have innocent facial expressions. However dont be fooled by this because they often tend to be false.
Dina: dudddeeeee shes been eating that apple for like an HOUR!
Julie: No shit shes an AMANDA havent you read the dictionary on urban dictionary?

Teaher: And the person with the highest average in my calculus class is Amanda.
Renaldo: ughhhhh. typical, shes an Amanda.

by Uberdork123 July 12, 2008
The most amazing girl ever. Shes commonly referred to as "Ms.Perfect , Beautiful , Gorgeous , Love , and Baby" all are very suiting for the girl that can take a boy's breath away with just her smile. At an LA Dodger game she can make people watch her the entire time and never turn away.Not because of her crazy gland expressing skills but because of her beauty as a whole. She captured a boys heart on the opposite side of the country and make me feel like the luckiest man that has ever lived.She is the epitome of perfection from her looks to her charisma. She can make a grown man cry just from her unconditional love.
If you ever get an amanda hold on to that girl even if she does want to steal you hoodie.
by You're the best I love you. September 15, 2010
The most awsome event, person, or place.
That party was so Amanda!
by mandee-loo December 12, 2007
Amanda- meaning worthy of love in latin. amazingly beautful, but she dosent know it. she has a wonderful personality but thinks differently. around friends she is vary outgoing. but in crouds and around people she dosent know she is vary shy. she is vary emotional. you will be lucky to have her as a friend for she is vary loyal and trustworthy. you are ether on her good side or on her bad side. there are few peolpe she dosent like. but she can make there lives hell if she wants to. she trys to help everybody, and will give you any advice she can if you need it. she will tell you things you need to hear, and it dosent matter if you wanna hear it or not. she has many admirers but dosent know it. if your lucky enugh to be with her, dont screw it up. the feeling she has for anybody will last no matter what. but theres no telling when they will fade. she loves with all her heart. dont loose her.
by sentera September 23, 2011
An amanda is a very yummy girl, but can be a tough nut to crack. A body you want to lick chocolate syrup off of. They typically have juggs that are dying to be motorboated and a butt you want to be friends with. Can be a bit a goofy at times.
That girl's a total amanda
by it wasntmeee July 15, 2009
The craziest funniest absolute clown you'll know. She is always there to make you laugh and never fails to put a smile on your face :)

-LIZ. I love you Amanda Q. <3
Amanda is without a doubt my best friend.
by liz365345697435 March 03, 2010
A beautiful girl that is very cute and precious. An amanda is usually very cuddly, but only with the boy she loves. Amandas have amazing bodies. They usually have a hot boyfriend that is very violent. An Amanda is one of a kind and very special; makes others jealous. Guys want her, but can never have her.
Guy From OC: "Dude i want that amanda so i can hit that bro, but she seems way out of my league..."
bf From Ventura: "oh thats because she is.. She and her perfect body are mine so back off before i kill you."
by jdm vta June 20, 2009