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To be very beautiful, or wise.
That person is such an Amalia, I can't believe how smart and pretty they are.
by LiaK December 02, 2007
When someone is so pretty and smart.
That girl over there is such an amalia I can't believe it.
by LiaK December 02, 2007
The most beautiful, awesome, amazing girl ever.

Super smart

I love her with all my heart


Meaning of happiness

Mine <3
I love you Amalia!
by Davis bob bubbles November 22, 2009
Fine and hot piece of Greek women, intelligent, smart, strong, witty, courageous.

Not to be mistaken for Amelia. AMALIA is a Greek female name.

Amalia of Oldenburg was the Queen of Greece in the 19th century. Her husband, King Otto, was the first modern King of Greece
Thats a fine piece of AMALIA, she must be Greek!
by Manga123 July 29, 2009
amalia- she is amazingly beautiful

everyone would be jealouse cause well its amalia what do you expect she is perfect funny smart cute she;s everything and more except she so many things the dictionary didnt come up with enough words to describe amalia :(
female name amalia male name amalio
by wel im me May 27, 2010
Meaning: Beautiful, independent, hard worker. Italian of origin. Often self-motivated, enjoys all aspects of life.
Variations include: Amelia, Analia
"Amalia does exactly what she wants, doesn't she?"
by Lorelei van Peborgh May 24, 2008
A common mispelling of the name "Amelia" most frequently occuring on birth certificates
and personal identification cards.
Amalia: Hi, I'm Amalia.
Brad: That's fucked.
by cjfinks February 23, 2008