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Japanese for sweet tasting,

sweet, sugary, mellow, lacking saltiness, indulgent, soft

fragrant smelling.

# Having a pleasant sound.

a sweet tune

a sweet voice

# Having a pleasing disposition.

a sweet child

# Having a helpful disposition.

It was sweet of him to help out.

Amai- amazing girl with beautiful looks, mostly of Japanese decent. Typically viewed wild but is really actually innocent. Smart and multi-talented, with easiness and stand for what ever her beliefs are. Confident, classy, and presentable. An Amai is someone you bring to your mother's house or some where fancy and high-class. Family oriented, a good friend, a good person in general.
Man that Amai ain't no Hoe

I'm in love with a Amai-type girl

Kono o sushi wa, yori ama-sa wa hijō ni shiokarai sa rete inai

Kore wa totemo amaidesu

I'd marry that Amai
by SNKHUDBDFCSZAKID February 18, 2011
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