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Oh My God (OMG) saying in some geek way. Replace "Oh my God" with "Ah Ma Gad" and you basically get amagawd.

Althought anybody that uses this term should be shot for excess of stupidity. Scum of the earth DaFox.
Like amagawd look at me I'm 1337!!!!!111!eleven!1!1!

Like oh my God look at me I'm 1337!!!!!111!eleven!1!1!

Note : 1337 = leet.
by Starhole July 07, 2004
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1. Something that 12 year old girls use when they are excited.

2. A term used by "l33t h4x0rz" when they kill you in an online game like Counter Strike
1. AMAGAWD justin timberlake is like soooooo sexy!!!!!

2. amagawd n00b i a3r h3adshott3d j00!~!11one1
by FirmSkater a.k.a. Ron Jones May 02, 2004
a word used my ghetto chicks that think they are cool...but really there...not
aMagAwD,pLz cHecK dEh mYsPaCE!!!!! LoL..nEw n0odz!!!!! <3
by hotmama69 May 13, 2006
This word is commonly used among pre-pubescent boys. Or Fags . For more reference to this word I suggest the following.

Dafox Fags faggots gay queers Milli Vanilli Christopher Lowell
An example of this word is as follows.

Amagawd I'm so gay and happy like.
by Europort July 08, 2004

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