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One who is the ultimate pimp.
check that dude, yo! He is so Amaan
by zulfikar bungee batman November 27, 2009
One who as seen as the ultimate pimp by those around him
Check that dude, yo! He is so amaan.
by zulfikar bungee batman November 27, 2009
Amaan means "Trust" or "Safety" both in Somali language or Arabic
Waa amaan.
by sp01010011 January 12, 2015
Amaan is a boy who appreciates the good things in life, like Beyoncé.
Person: I feel sad
Friend: Maybe you should try being and Amaan!
by smellycustard February 03, 2015
A guy who thinks he is cool and talks to ugly chicks. He is the biggest poser ever and will mimic anyone who is actually doing well in life, just to try to get friends. He also tries very hard at life, but still doesn't manage to beat anyone.
Don't hang out with that guy- he is an Amaan.
by mambaplaya69 July 25, 2012
Biggest poser who is annoying and smell so bad that shit is more preferable to smell than him. He lacks intelligence and athletic skills and has penis shaped as a vagina. He gets absolutely NO ladies.
"Dude look at that kid he is such an Amaan. Lets beat him up."
by Badassmofo69 July 25, 2012
A stupid idiot who annoys everybody. He is a dickhead and no-one likes him. He is a sad person thinking everybody likes him, but they do not, they feel sorry for him, so they do not say to him that they do not like him. He is not liked by anybody and he is a big distraction to everybody. If you are an amaan, you are VERY bigheaded.
OMG, you are an amaan. Get LOST!
by heebbbebebbb July 01, 2010
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