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the cause of an argument; The reason an argument starts.
If she hadn't got all Alzira on me, none of this would have happened.
by flygal June 09, 2009
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A super gorgeous girl !

Has an outgoing personality and is super friendly ,guys love to love and girls love to hate her mostly because the guys seem to flock after her and how can't they ,she's beautiful and makes people instantley at ease. She often does things without thinking and doesn't always listen to advice as she is very stubborn. She trys very hard to hide her feelings and will only let few people in. She is bitchy ,kind ,loyal ,gorgeous and compassionate.
Girl: that girl is such a slut ,she's always with guys.

friend of Alzira: no ,she just better at being friends with guys than you !
by Jellybean:akathatgirl July 24, 2013

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