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A girl who any guy would be lucky to be with. Perfection. Beautiful
Im glad to know Alyx
by CHEWY_63 June 28, 2011
Gangster name, meaning "Super Sexy", "Hot chick". A spin off the common name "Alex." Nickname- "Lyx" Gangster Bitch.

Will fall in love with anyone with the name Tyler.
Has a nice ass.
Alyx, Lyx,
by Lyxiekitty July 22, 2010
The best guy in the universe. He is sweet, sexy, nice, smart, unique, deep, and understanding. I love him.
Oh my god! That Alyx guy was so awesome!
by mdc11 August 02, 2010
the hottest female at IHS
wow Alyx is looking mighty fine.
by himmmm September 14, 2008
one of the hottest girl in parkland ;)
when dudes are taling and one says yo alyx is hot lol idk
by shady105 May 11, 2008
A pretty girl that resides only in the state of Iowa, USA.
Encountering such a species is rare, but in those occasions, one will most often see the Alyx acting, and singing, or playing ultimate ping pong. Alyx's should be handled gently, and in the presence of danger will become aggressive.
"I came across an Alyx the other day. She almost took my eyes out with her extraordinary stage presence."
by Chris Manring March 20, 2007
Well, she's 5'2'', blonde, umm... Yup. OH, and awesome(:
"I just added Alyx on ''!!!" "Really? I just added her on ''!!!" xD Hahahah
by Alyx:D February 04, 2010

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