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Russian variant of Helen(a), it is of Greek and Latin origin. Also a variant of Alena and Alana. Means "torch", "light", or "beautiful". Girls with this name are usually strong and beautiful women of European descent, and are stereotypically blue-eyed blondes or brunettes.
Look at that pretty new girl, her name's Alyona.
by pseudonym123456789101234454636 February 10, 2012
14 2
The most awesome chick in the world. Usually of Eastern European descent, usually the badass, the funniest, the most sarcastic, the smartest, the nastiest one. If you know Alyona, everybody knows Alyona.
Oh God, have you seen that awesome shit? We need to tell Alyona.
by Rovendaledes February 03, 2010
88 16