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A male born in 1977. Typically has long dark hair, usually tinted red, and fierce green eyes. His aesthetically pleasing outside doesn't hold weight with the beauty of his persona. Aly has a natural solace and a delectable aura. An Aly always greets others with an open mind and a smile and is nonjudgmental. Exceeds in skill at working the pelvis area between the hours of 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. Usually has a girlfriend when she isn't psycho.
"Wow, that's the guy of my dreams..."

"I know, he's so Aly."
by mmmeclectic October 01, 2009
A Female that lies in retailiation to being lied to.
Damn, that Aly can't take a joke..
by Spike July 29, 2003