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A male college student who is undeclared, he basically lives in a lounge. Weird sense of humor, suave and sophisticated, stays up late at night trying to write papers, two hours later he has typed three sentences.
Person-You look tired. Go to sleep, take a nap.
Alwood-I can't go to sleep because I have a paper to write

Person-Where are you?
Alwood- I am in the lounge!
#lounge #college student #sophisticated #suave #humor
by Blank number two March 30, 2009
A man who is capable of satisfying multiple women at once. Also can be used to describe a man who is consistently the only male representative in fornication involving four or more persons.
Did you just see that guy in the black SUV? He had four ladies in there with him. If thats not an alwood, then I don't know what is.
#pimp #player #marathon man #sportfucker #mahanes.
by g4lifetilIdie August 03, 2009
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