Someone who is easily irritable, but loves to help people. She's someone worth knowing and someone worth having in your life. She doesn't care for what people think of her, yet she has insecurities. She tries to bypass those. She loves smiles, and her heart is pretty big. Open-minded she is, and also stands by what she says. She's someone you can count on and someone you can go for a shoulder to cry one. She has a beautiful spirit inside and out. She'll understand you, she'll try her ways to see people happy and smiling.
Hey, who gave you that good advice? Alvie did, you should go ask her.
by Someone who wants to enter August 07, 2012
A very sexy man with a huge cock and who stimulates the vagina very well. who attracts both men and women he is sooo damn sexyy you just wanna do him!!! middle eastern people love him and want him in bed. usually turkish.
booty, sexy, manwhore, slut, big dick, Alvie,
by Shawnnne August 14, 2011
Silly girl who likes to shop too much.
Alvie screamed when she saw her latest credit card bill.
by laylaD. January 24, 2011

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