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A humorous reference to the Millenium Falcon spaceship from the Star Wars movies, uttered by Emperor Palpatine in a spoof claymation-style video shown on Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" TV show.
"What the hell is an aluminum falcon??"
by Bugsi September 22, 2008
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The Aluminum Falcon is when a man uses common or household aluminum foil to create an 'on-the-spot' condom. The aluminum foil acts as a physical barrier between the 'man mixture' and the poon.

the art of aluminum falconry is judged upon: Contraceptive ability, Comfort, Sexual pleasure and disposability of human (doesnt have to be) jizz.

Often used in situations where the couple is so horny that they absolutely must have sex in their kitchen.

The plastic falcon places plastic wrap in place of foil. Plastic wrap may substitute foil. But is undesirable because of the chance of it falling off.

The name derives from the "falcon" being a euphemism for a males member and the "aluminum" for obvious reasons.
Person 1: "Damn, last night Katie was so horny she insisted on doing it on the dishwasher,"
Person 2: "You use protection?"
Person 1: "Well... yeah, i didn't have any condoms so i wrapped my junk in foil;"
Person 2: "Wow. What like an Aluminum Falcon?"
Person 1: "yeah"
*high five and gain respect for each other*
by RUFF SECKS January 10, 2010

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