Fuck-mothering vampire, the Crimson Fucker, and all-around badass.
He's better than Mr.Popo. Alucard is always better than Mr.Popo
by DarkEmperorKiva January 31, 2014
1)An extremly hot character from Castlevania.

2) being hot, spiff, and sexy without know/caring that you are
1) Alcard ish so fine!

2) You are so Alucard its scary.
by nickie December 09, 2003
dracula...alucard spelt backwards in the game castlevania
alucard is dracula is castlevania}
by Stevie-C June 25, 2005
1: The badass main character on Hellsing

2: A stupid-ass member of FFWA.
1: Read the bloody definition
2: That Alucard is a real prick
by Joe October 03, 2004
The guy who gave us the Alucard Super Cheese Spectacular
warning: the Alucard Super Cheese Spectacular will suck ALL the fun out of this game.
by or pseudonym July 10, 2008
Son of Count Dracula ... supernatural powers to any who use this alias within the Gaming Realms ......
(After someone killed 100+ cstrike players) 'OMFG YOU JUST CRANKED THE MINIMUM CRITERIA FOR AN ALUCARD!'
by god March 05, 2003
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