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Alpha Phi Delta (ΑΦΔ), commonly referred to as APD, is a Greek social fraternity that evolved from an exclusive Italian society (Il Circolo Italiano) at Syracuse University in 1914. There were seven founding members who strove to create a brotherhood that would last long after their college days. Soon after founding, Alpha Phi Delta spread from Syracuse and became a National Fraternity. Alpha Phi Delta is traditionally an Italian-American heritage Fraternity; however, since September 2, 1965 it has welcomed young men of all racial backgrounds to join in its one of a kind brotherhood.

They are the Greek GODS of the Tristate area, and most likely the world.
sally: hey jen what are you doing tonight.

jen: OMG didnt you hear APD is having one of their crazy parties again.

sally: OMG!!! no way

jen: yeah!!! im totally sleeping with one tn.

sally: SLUT!!

jen: oh please like your not.


Joe: yo steve i wanna pledge a fraternity next semester what house has the best parties and hottest girls.

Steve: Alpha Phi Delta with out a doubt.
by 1914 May 03, 2011
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