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A Jewish person that lives up to the "Jew" standards, as such as, a money hog, has a big nose, and cooks good in the oven. This person is always being a Jew in some way, shape, or form. This person is usually a boss or has some kind of "power" over some people. (at least that's what that person thinks!)

A leader of a Jewish gang, or mafia.

The person who "headshot" you after you killed like every one on the map in Call of Duty MW1, 2, or Halo. This person is some times a 12 year old.
Guy1: man that new boss of ours, Able, is being a Jew!
Guy2: no, he is being an Alpha Jew!

Hyman Amberg was the original Alpha Jew of America...

Gamer: yeah I killed you all!!!!!... WTF!!! HEADSHOT!!!
12yearold: hahaha *snorts* I killed you loser!
Gamer: what a mofo Alpha Jew...
by Edawg17_10 January 02, 2010
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