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In social animals, the alpha is the individual in the community whom the others follow. In Homo sapiens the Alpha Hoe prides themselves on their ability to Attract and wrangle the "Cock". If dick hunting was economics their meat wallet would simply be the most full. Each Hoe Pack is envitbly diffrent but they all contain the same heirchy containing a alpha hoe at the top, competiters for Alpha Hoe in the middle, and at the bottom the third wheel girls. In certain highly social environments (i.e. college campuses, dorms, and greek housing) a contender can use more indirect methods, such as political alliances, rumors, severe intoxication and sloppy blowjobs to oust the ruling alpha and take her place.
1) Two college roommates vying for "Alpha Hoe" dominance happen to both sleep with their floor RA in a futile attempt to show off there cock courting superiority and in the process discourage other hoes.
2) a) the chick every guy wants to get. b) The chick most guys know they can get with. c) The poster child for planed parenthood
by Eric MC5th September 24, 2009
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