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A girl gamer that usually plays Halo 3 or Modern Warfare 2. She has the ability to pwn all the noobs, and cause small children to cry after a short lived game of 1v1. Usually harrased by boys over Xbox LIVE, because of the fact she is a girl, she has the ability to kill them with her ROFLcopter that goes soi soi soi.

Besides all the xbox gaming, she is actually a really nice person.
Back to videogames.
Alpacalaca is the destroyer of evil, the pwner of noobs, and the assassin of any other girl on Xbox LIVE. She is a spartan usually clad in an ODST helmet and colors that range from pinks to purples. She is also the leader and founder of the "Hottie" clan.

And also, it is pronounced "AL-PACK-UH-LACK-UH"
You cannot excape Alpacalaca with her Battle Rifle skills and amazing sticky grenade placement skills. You can run, but you can never hide from me, Alpacalaca.
Guy1: "Whoa, who was that person that just pwned our entire team in slaye???"
Guy2: "Dude! That was Alpacalaca! she is only the nastiest girl to ever play Halo 3!"
Guy1: "Wow, i feel honored to have been pwned in her presence!"
Alpacalaca: "Your tears are tasty ;)"
by Alpacalaca July 12, 2010
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