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A hood rat player of Maplestory.

-Probably the most hideous guy on maple you'll ever meet.
-The guy most hated in Windia (Because of his Hood rat status)

- He has AIDS. Sorry Hene hoes!
- He is very visually disturbing, and players avoid to look in his direction. (He's trying to be a horse with fat lips wtf?)
- and yes, He does shoot up heroin.
Player A: Watch out it's a hood rat!
Player B: Quick CC to a even channel!
Player A: SHIT he's on our channel!
Player B: Quick cash shop NOW!

Dor: Why is he proud to be a hood rat?
AlonGoneWild: iLikeHeroin. Hood RAT FTW!
by CleanUpWindia November 02, 2010
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