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Common misspelling of the work 'almost'

guy 1 - AND I ALMSOT HAD YOU!!!!

guy 2 - wow stop singing bowling for soup, and lrn2spil.
by foofighter December 11, 2008
The act of snuggling/picking up the emotional pieces after Repentance Sunday
It took three and a half hours of almsot for my girlfriend to stop crying afterwards. Too much repentance, not enough time.
by Lamefork May 17, 2010
It's an achronym, often used in online convorsations, meaning one of two things:

1. "A Ludacrisly Mega Super Orgasmatastic Thing"

2. "A Large Marmaladeded Sexually Orgasmed Tit-disease"

Two is the lesser used version.
"Man! That drawing's is such serious almsot it should be illegal!"


"Your stuck at work? That is worse than getting almsot!"
by TheNosebleedAvenger March 29, 2007
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