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When night is upon certain mammals they begin to act as if they have become intoxicated, with or without alcohol.
"Last Night I asked that ugly chick, Larissa, to marry me. Damn, that was some Night-Drunkeness right thur!"
by TheNosebleedAvenger March 27, 2007
It's an achronym, often used in online convorsations, meaning one of two things:

1. "A Ludacrisly Mega Super Orgasmatastic Thing"

2. "A Large Marmaladeded Sexually Orgasmed Tit-disease"

Two is the lesser used version.
"Man! That drawing's is such serious almsot it should be illegal!"


"Your stuck at work? That is worse than getting almsot!"
by TheNosebleedAvenger March 29, 2007
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