A person who tries to claim ties to every religion out of fear of picking the "wrong" one. This in turn forms a paradox because some religions, such as Hinduism and Judiasm contradict each other as the former is polytheistic and the latter explicitly states that there is only one God.

A typical Alltheist may believe in Jesus, Hindu gods, and even the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
Guy: I don't want to go to hell, so I'll just become an Alltheist
Girlfriend: Why am I even going out with you?
by HockeyUSA72 October 08, 2007
The belief in all religious gospels and unlike previously stated Hinduism doesn't contradict judaism. (Hindus believe that each god is just a different incarnation of the creator.) Alltheism is just a way to respect everybodies beliefs and believe whatever you want to believe.
Andrew: Man I just can't find the right religion!

Mark: Have, you heard of Jehovah!

Andrew: Fuck it, Im gonna be an Alltheist!
by Sandman Chewer April 17, 2014

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