Originally the name of a mousepad company, the name has later become adopted by a well-known unknown person. This well-known unknown person is known to not be known by most knowing people. Knowing is knowing not knowing, know what I mean?
I didn't see allsop today at the store.

I didn't see allsop today at the library.

I didn't see allsop anywhere.


I saw allsop
by bored April 29, 2004
Top Definition
Someone who is even tempered, reasonable and only wants a fair deal.
e.g. "That frightful barmaid has given me a short measure. I'd really rather like it allsoped, but she looks a bit pre-menstrual to me so maybe I won't add to her troubles on this occasion. But if she does it again I'll give her a jolly good Gorton - and then nick her wheels."
by Angie O'G-string May 10, 2004
Someone who is bad tempered mardy and cons people.
That barmaid has allsoped me pint, fill it up wetch.
by B Maid Tup May 10, 2004
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